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No teleseryes for Alonzo, just turned 7

“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” – Audrey Hepburn

This columnist has said it before and is saying it again. Why not books on movie kings and queens and directors elevated to the pantheon of National Artists?

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After Annabelle Rama’s bestseller, comes Ruffa Gutierrez who’s writing a book. Ruffa herself admits it’s hard to top her mother’s book on how to catch and keep a husband (among other pieces of advice on lovelife and domestic issues).

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How’s Amalia Fuentes?

At the recent lunch at Sampaguita Garden Events place celebrating the congressional victory of first cousins Edward Maceda and Toff de Venecia, this columnist shared the table with Manay Ichu Maceda, Pempe Rodrigo, Lollie Mara, and Gloria Sevilla and daughter Suzette Ranillo.

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Amalia na echa-puwera na naman

ECHA-puwera na naman si Amalia Fuentes noong pasinaya ng Liezl S. Martinez Hall sa MTRCB building. Ipinangalan sa yumaong dating miyembro ng MTRCB ang bagong main hall nito bilang tribute kay Liezl at birthday niya.

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Coney dawit sa Amalia-Albert feud

DAMAY si Coney Reyes sa galit ni Amalia Fuentes kay Albert Martinez and his children. Si Coney pala ang host sa cremation ceremony para kay Liezl Martinez.

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