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What to do when mistake is made

I believe that every single one of us makes mistakes. And if everyone makes mistakes, then the issue must be not the mistake itself, but what we do with it.

Even before you open your mouth to speak, think thoroughly about what you are going to say. Ask yourself, will it be beneficial or harmful to yourself and to others? Will your words bring life or death? Will it build up or destroy someone?

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You can’t do it!” “Nothing good is gonna come out of that!” “Why are you so stubborn?” “You are just gonna fail, again!” “You are day-dreaming again!” “That’s impossible!” “We are just gonna go bankrupt.” Can you somehow relate to these statements?

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Secret to success

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They will face whatever problem or challenge head-on, even if it keeps on coming back and they can still recover from it. But for you, it’s a different story. You can’t seem to do what they do!

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