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ASEAN gala event tonight

Association of Southeast Asian Nations leaders and dialogue partners and their spouses are set to wear intricately designed Philippine national costumes during the Special Gala Celebration of the 50th anniversary of the ASEAN tonight.

Duterte to wear P6,500 barong on inauguration

President-elect Rodrigo R. Duerte has a dozen pairs of customized barong Tagalog, each costs about P6,500, designed by a 42-year old haberdashery here for his inauguration on June 30.

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2 Presidents

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A TALE of two Presidents. One in barong tagalog, the other in T-shirt, checks or plaids. One in Malacañang, the other in Davao City. One calling a press conference at odd hours, the other giving exclusive interviews and tours of the palace he will be exiting by month’s end. One coming in, the other going out.

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