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America, France, Britain  launch strikes on Syria

America, France, Britain launch strikes on Syria

The United States, Britain, and France yesterday carried out a wave of strikes against Bashar al-Assad’s Syrian regime in response to alleged chemical weapons attacks that President Donald Trump branded the “crimes of a monster.”

Trump: It is time to end Syria’s ‘brutal civil war’

US President Donald Trump told allies it was time to end Syria’s “brutal” civil war Wednesday, as he branded the country’s leader Bashar al-Assad a “butcher” and questioned Russia’s role in a suspected chemical attack.

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The United States fired dozens of cruise missiles at a Syrian airbase on Friday from which it said a deadly chemical weapons attack was launched this week, an escalation of the US military role in Syria that swiftly drew sharp criticism from Russia.

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Syria truce holding

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A nationwide ceasefire in Syria, brokered by Russia and Turkey which back opposing sides in the conflict, appeared to hold early on Friday after a shaky start during the night in the latest attempt to end nearly six years of bloodshed.

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Islamic State militants recaptured the ancient city of Palmyra from Syrian troops Sunday, according to both sides in the battle, scoring a major advance after a year of setbacks in Syria and neighboring Iraq.

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Syrian forces recapture half of east Aleppo

Syrian government forces have recaptured half the former rebel stronghold of east Aleppo, a monitor said, with the UN now facing a “race against time’’ to aid children forced out by the bloody offensive.

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