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Violinist and violin

WHENEVER we see Chino Gutierrez, he’s with his violin or he’s on stage being the hottest violinist (the Hannover, Germany violin competition a year ago, this summer the Singapore International Violin Festival). It’s hard to picture him as anything else, but he’s also a polyglot, mathematician, scientist and co-author of a book on etymology – in five languages. What we don’t know is, does he own a panoply of screens and apps, does he have time to fool around with people his age (he is definitely an old soul, after all), is he as introverted as he looks once he starts bowing and plucking the strings?

Chamber music

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MUSIC to the ears. A sight for sore eyes. A roomful of young music lovers, some of them dressed as if for a cosplay, for once the young ones outnumbering the young once.

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