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Sari-Sari specializes in thriller-horror genre

SARI SARI is a joint venture between TV5 Network, through Cignal Digital TV and Viva Entertainment. It was launched Aug. 15, 2015 with a mixed bag of new, original films and a package of mini-series, all produced by Viva and starring homegrown artists.

A TV actor’s popularity is usually anchored on a running series, a regular TV show. Now that he’s without a daily series, Richard Yap says he’s not losing sleep whether or not he has remained popular to the public eye. He shot to fame in a rather belated manner through soap series, Be Careful with My Heart.

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‘Patintero’ a film for kids

A FILM FOR KIDS: There aren’t too many films for children in the indie scene, crowded as it were by poverty porn or movies about sex and violence, mostly adult concerns. Mihk (for Michael) Vergara’sPatintero is one of them.

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