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Comprehensive agrarian economy

A 2006 Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) study, all of 270 pages, funded by the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ in German) entitled “The Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program: Scenarios and Options of Future Development” conclude the following: 1) Philippine agriculture is in a “state of distress”; 2) Despite 18 years of CARP and 14 years of ‘Operation Land Transfer’ (PD 27), agrarian reform has failed to produce a significant dent on the country’s rural poverty levels; 3) Despite having spent over P200 billion for CARP, the financing is still inadequate; 4) Implementation has been beset by misplaced priorities and misallocation of scarce resources; 5) The collection record of CAP amortization payments has been a dismal 18%; 6) Globalization has had a negative effect on agriculture:

Farmers picketed the San Miguel Corp. (SMC) main office to protest the alleged landgrabbing of more than 300 hectares of land in Tungkong Mangga, San Jose del Monte City, Bulacan for the benefit of SMC-controlled Metro Rail Transit (MRT) 7.

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