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Life strategies that work for sure

One of our readers, Mr. Jun Gador was kind enough to share some tips to break bad habits, in reaction to one of our past columns. Here, he shares personal and practical strategies that work for sure. We agree with the suggestions that’s why we are sharing his life lessons. Here are some practical guidelines to happy living, according to Jun:

The notebook

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I have been in a committed relationship with a woman I love very much. Everything was going great until I picked up a notebook from her table and looked inside it. In it, she had written a note about her thoughts on her ex-boyfriend, her first real relationship. I was shocked to read of her continuing feelings for him, and that I would never replace him in her heart. I know that diaries are places where people work out all kinds of personal things that are not meant to be shared. Nonetheless, I read it, and it has been weighing heavily on me. Our relationship has not changed, and she is as loving as ever, but I feel terribly insecure. Since I obtained this information by invading her privacy, I feel like I have no right to confront her about my discovery. Please advise.

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Former Commission on Elections Chairman Benjamin S. Abalos Sr. has been acquitted of graft charges in connection with the $329-million National Broadband Network-ZTE deal in 2007.

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