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Is technology driving you crazy?

Is technology driving you crazy?

Leo narrows his eyes as he scans the e-mail on his computer. At the same time, he’s with his boss over Skype who is currently in Tokyo for a convention. The video conference lags. He tries to connect again through his tablet. His Blackberry pings, an instant message from his wife then His iPhone rings. He’s so busy multi-tasking that he forgot the 2pm meeting his Outlook calendar reminded him of 30 minutes ago.

Liz Uy and what keeps her moving

She’s tinsel town’s newest it-girl. And she’s everywhere—from billboards to glossies to the blogosphere, Liz Uy continues to fascinate with her eye for all things stylish. From being a magazine editor and celebrity stylist, Liz has become a star on her own with a multitude of endorsements under her hat.

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