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Build a strong foundation

SPENDING many years in the academe exposed me to countless children and teen-agers with different backgrounds and personalities. My own knowledge of human behavior (combined with what is learned from books and other reading materials) increased in depth and breadth by interacting with students, observing them, checking their outputs, and listening to them. Of course I also learned from the parents’ stories, from the remarks of other teachers, and from observation of life outside the school premises.

“WHOSE children are they?” “Didn’t their parents teach them good manners?” “What are their parents doing?” All these, and more questions when children make terrible mistakes and show undesirable behavior. We can’t blame people for asking such questions.

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Epson trains students against hazards of Mercury

Epson visited various national high schools in Lipa, Batangas to educate students about the hazards of Mercury and its proper treatment and disposal.

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Record breaking crowd attends TechTutor5

If attendance is any measure of interest, the fifth annual TechTutor seminar clearly shows how technology has created an impact in the way people do things – in work, in play and in education.

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Spreading the news about MOOCs

I am not an ambassador of Coursera but I would like to spread the word about it. I’d been hearing about free online courses about a year ago but never found the time to look into it. While taking a breather from the 9-5 sked that a working mom had to deal with, I came across a magazine editorial that mentioned Coursera and the free online courses it offered.

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