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MRT work raises hopes for EDSA

THERE is good news from the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) which runs along Epifanio de los Santos Ave. (EDSA) from North Ave. in Quezon City to Taft Ave. in Pasay City.

All-indie filmfest this December

Young people are fond of shortening words.

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Anti-car bias

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There’s an anti-car bias out there. The plan to increase the excise tax on fuel from under P4/liter to P10 is the biggest worrier for owners of cars as well as those dreaming of finally owning one (if only to save themselves from the daily risk of riding on MRT-LRT). Bills and proposals from out of nowhere seek to restrict car ownership, e.g., no-garage-no-car, blaming cars for air pollution, limiting the hours of private cars on EDSA, etc.

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