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Stress among kids can trigger asthma attack

Parents often complain how their children are too stressed out in school. Not only do children today carry heavy load – ang bibigat yata ng mga school bag ngayon – they are also much traumatized by too many homework and assignments.


Paolo Ballesteros might just return to “Eat Bulaga” by September, after serving months-long suspension for his “diba-dibahan” antics. By now, Paolo must have realized only great sopranos have the right, in a manner of speaking, to be a DIVA.

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QUICK, before the flame flowers of the fire tree melt, dissolve in the rains of June, drive around Quezon City or go south to Cavite-Laguna and see how the sunset-hued treetops have divided the year in two. Yes, before we know it, it will be Christmas, and Christmas traffic, alas!

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