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NDF pushes amnesty for political prisoners

Peace negotiations between the Philippine government and National Democratic Front encountered rough waters Friday, as both parties tried to vigorously advance their conflicting stands on the release of political prisoners, a permanent general ceasefire, and the adoption of social and economic reforms.

Lines were drawn right at the start of the second round of the peace negotiations between the National Democratic Front and the Philippine Government Thursday night, with the communist group asking for the immediate release of 409 political prisoners and the latter seeking a joint and lasting ceasefire agreement.

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The National Democratic Front announced Wednesday that it has accepted the resignation of Luis Jalandoni as chairman of its peace panel, replacing him with vice chairman Fidel Agcaoili just hours ahead of the start of the second round of peace negotiations here.

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Peace is coming

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I am basically an optimistic person. I see the glass half-full. Where others see problems, I see opportunities. When I was in the legislature, I always viewed public service as a chance to do something good rather than be petrified by the enormous challenges of governing.

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“Sa buong linggo na nandito ako, ngayon lang ako mapapa-laban,” was the feisty declaration of Communist Party of the Philippine founding chairman Prof. Jose Maria “Joma” Sison as he entered a basement room of the Scandia Holmenkollen Park Hotel here Thursday night.

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GPH, NDF peace talks under way

The Philippine government (GPH) and the National Democratic Front (NDF), political arm of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and New People’s Army (NPA), started to hammer out initial agreements on the panel and committee levels, spurred on by a shared commitment to fast track negotiations for signing of a peace accord within nine to 12 months.

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