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Strict food export rules noted

Strict rules in the European Union, US, Japan, and Australia are forcing government and food exporters to impose stringent rules on processing to compete in these markets. Speaking at the Agribusiness Investment Forum at the Department of Agriculture (DA) this week, Karen Roscom of the Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Products Standards (BAFPS) said the detention of food exports could potentially harm Philippine corporations and reduce its share in countries with highly clinical standards.

Manila, Philippines – The Department of Justice (DoJ) recently upheld the Cheaper Medicines Law in dismissing the counterfeiting charges filed against a local drug distributor. In a six-page resolution, penned by Assistant State Prosecutor Cesar Calubag, the DoJ found insufficient evidence to charge businessman Renante Dumasig of drug counterfeiting. Assistant Chief Prosecutor Pedrito Lances, chairman […]

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