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Bulldog rescues kittens

WE have always thought cats and dogs are the worst of enemies. Kaya nga may kasabihan tayong para tayong mga aso’t pusa kung hindi tayo nagkakasundo.

PH cinema’s banner year

2016 is a banner year for Philippine cinema, indies in particular. Independently produced films gave honors to the country on the international scene.

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After Annabelle Rama’s bestseller, comes Ruffa Gutierrez who’s writing a book. Ruffa herself admits it’s hard to top her mother’s book on how to catch and keep a husband (among other pieces of advice on lovelife and domestic issues).

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When PH ruled Asian cinema

The ’50s (up to the early ’60s) is called the second Golden Age of Philippine Cinema, the first being the ’30s and the third the ’70s.

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As always, indies dominate Urian

As expected, the Urian nominees this year are mostly independently produced movies, indies they are called. For the past decade or so, indies dominated the Urian Awards. Well, after all, the golden age of indies is here.

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