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The toughest kid on the block

The toughest kid on the block

We love slimmer, sleeker devices that makes us look cool. But some kids nowadays would rather play with a tablet and try to break it, instead of trying to break the latest edition of Optimus Prime or Barbie. But many of us can agree that tablets do have the educational tools for our kids, and the main problem is them accidentally dropping it on the floor, dipping it on water, or for some otherworldly reason, set it on fire.

Get the iPhone 5c for as low as P1,349 monthly from Globe

Globe Telecom is now offering the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s at more affordable price points under its fully-customizable Best-Ever mySUPERPLAN, a next-generation postpaid plan that features fully-customizable plan components and a bigger plan value.

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