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Hanoi, Metro Manila face traffic problems

A report from Vietnam the other day said that the Hanoi city council had voted to ban motorbikes by 2030. The move was approved by 95 of the 96 city councilors for two reasons – environmental and traffic congestion.

Fish activists jailed in Vietnam

Dozens of activists were detained in Vietnam’s two biggest cities Sunday as they tried to hold protests calling for greater government transparency over a recent spate of mass fish deaths.

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IN the same spirit as his visit to Cuba last December, United States (US) President Barack Obama went to Hanoi, Vietnam, last Monday. As the visit to Cuba ended five decades of Cold War hostility between the two Western Hemisphere neighbors, the visit to Hanoi sought to transform an old enemy in the Vietnam War of 1958-1975 into a new partner for peace in our part of the world.

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