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Martial law?

Short of going straight to Malacañang or Davao City for an answer – even so, the President could prove evasive – the person to consult was Juan Ponce Enrile, architect of Martial Law under Ferdinand Marcos, never mind that it was a happy occasion last Sunday when he was cornered in his house for his reading of Digong’s intentions.

Dress rehearsal

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IT wasn’t Friday the 13th but Friday the 12th, pay day. It wasn’t the Big One, but it was enough to scare people for at least 30 seconds.

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Doesn’t matter. Everyone who has a pair of feet and a skin for feeling and conveying emotions will enjoy “Kinky Boots,” award-winning musical (Tony, Olivier, Grammy, it’s got them all) about a shoe factory threatened by closure until an unlikely hero/heroine shows up in the shape of a transvestite or cross-dresser or whatever you think he/she is. Lola, played by Nyoy Volante, is a scream! Singing, acting, hectoring, prancing about in his flashy red boots, he occupies centerstage even when he’s not onstage. And all along I thought he was gay!

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Filmbios of heroes and PH Presidents

Today, June 12, is Independence Day and so Highspeed suggests filmbios of heroes and noted personalities, especially Philippine Presidents.

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THIS could be an idea whose time has come – the election of a Metro Manila governor, rather than having an appointed Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) governor who cannot get his way against elected municipal and city mayors of the country’s capital region.

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Before heading to his 80th birth anniversary party last Wednesday night at the historic landmark Manila Hotel, President Duterte fired off a joke about sending former President now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada back to jail.

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