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Man claims iPhone was his idea

A lawsuit filed in a federal court in Florida last week by Thomas Ross argued that Apple “hijacked and exploited” a design he came up with in 1992 for an “electronic reading device.” He is demanding damages of no less than $11 billion and another $10 billion in restitution, as well as at least 1.5 per cent of Apple’s worldwide gross sales going forward “as a reasonable royalty,” according to the complaint.

New smart watch fuses fashion, fitness

Smart gadget specialty firm Withings introduced a fashionable Swiss-made time piece that doubles as a fitness tracker.

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NudeAudio introduces monochrome Black collection

NudeAudio, the fashion-inspired speaker brand, has launched a new monochrome Black collection.

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Ways to protect your devices

A few months from now summer will be here and for those looking forward for a swim, waterproofing your device becomes a priority. So we’ve checked out a few interesting cases

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Welcome the wonderful New Year with the Iphone 5s

The smartphone’s undeniable ubiquity has made it more than a communication device. These mobile devices have become extensions of our selves; it is a means for us to express our thoughts via the 140-character world of Twitter, the square pixels of Instagram, or the clickable thumbs-up on Facebook.

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Apps for new iPhone owners

So you got a new iPhone or iPad (or both, you lucky dog), the next thing to do is to get those apps. Here is a list of apps that I’d recommend you to buy and download:

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