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Keanna apologizes to actress for one-night stand with ex-BF

Could actress Keanna Reeves be referring to Angel Locsin as the actress to whom she apologized for having sex with the latter’s former boyfriend?

More than 10 years ago, Assunta de Rossi and Jay Manalo first teamed up in “Hubog,” which merited awards at the Metro Manila Film Festival. Best actress for Assunta and best supporting actress for her sister Alessandra, among others. Directed by Joel Lamangan. Assunta would later earn an Urian best actress trophy from the Manunuri ng Pelikulang Pilipino.

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Joel Lamangan on big screen nudity

Joel just wrapped up “Siphayo” for Baby Go Productions Int’l, topbilled by Allan Paule, Luis Alandy, Joen Bascon, and Natalie Hart. Written by Eric Ramos, who describes “Siphayo” (meaning dismay, disappointment, despair) as erotic-drama.

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Showbiz character Keanna Reeves is, by no means, the first kiss- and-tell in showbiz. Years back there were two, but not as brutally open as Keanna.

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SEXY Actress Keanna Reeves, who admitted she loves sex with younger men, has enumerated some famous personalities she slept with many years ago.

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Annabelle back to normal, ayaw nang mag-pulitika

TATLONG maleta ng mga damit ang dala ni Ruffa Gutierrez noong nagpunta sila sa Singapore para sa promotion ng kanilang reality show, “It Takes Gutz to Be a Gutierrez.” Sa dinami-rami ng mga dala niyang damit, isa lang ang napili ng staff ng NBC Universal, ayon kay Annabelle Rama nang nakatsikahan namin sa pocket presscon ng pamilya Gutierrez para sa kanilang reality show.

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