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Pillow that charges your devices

Pillow that charges your devices

I’m usually a function over form kind of guy. I mean, if something looks pretty but it doesn’t work or is not very good at what it does then there isn’t much point. I guess that’s why I didn’t mind using some of those eye sore phones that Ericsson used to make back in the day before Sony got into the picture. They were pretty good phones and that’s what mattered. Thankfully it’s already common practice to cater to both form as well as function.

5 innovations powered by the people

There are credible places to get funds for a project that you’ve been dreaming for decades to accomplish. We don’t here much about them, but it’s probably the best place to get a chance to campaign something innovative, catchy, and just that thing that you think people would want and would feel that they need. Recently, a couple of campaigns have been successfully funded and these projects are soon to hit the market.

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