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Solon urges Digong to go after Maute

As on-going peace negotiations with rebels keep weapons of security forces silent for a while, President Duterte must reactivate the military and unleash its full might this year against the Maute group that has launched terror attacks in Mindanao.

House of Representatives allies of President Duterte disagreed on the good and bad points of the first 100 days of the Chief Executive but gave him an “A” grade for his sincere efforts in making life better for Filipinos.

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The House of Representatives will vote on President Duterte’s first national budget on third and final reading next month.

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Cha-cha hearings to start after budget’s

Congressional hearings for the consideration of various bills and resolutions calling for amendments to the 1987 Constitution will not start until the House of Representatives is able dispose of the 2017 national budget bill.

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