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MPD hunts 16 public servants involved in illegal drug trade

Sixteen high-value targets (HVTs) in Manila anti-drugs campaign have already been identified, the Manila Police District (MPD) bared yesterday.

Nagsagawa ng protest rally ang drivers ng “kuliglig” or motorized tricycle sa kahabaan ng Taft Avenue laban sa paglulunsad e-tricycles sa siyudad ayon sa kanila ay maaaring magresulta sa pagkawala ng kanilang kabuhayan.

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JUST when the traffic situation seemed to be improving in one part of Metro Manila, it would get jammed elsewhere in the metropolis. At one time, flooded streets around the Manila City Hall caused south-bound traffic to back up as far back as España Blvd. in Sampaloc. That appears to have been solved by repairs on drainage channels. Last Monday, traffic was again jammed all around Quiapo and surrounding areas. This time, motorists blamed construction work on Quiapo bridge, where a layer of asphalt was being laid on one lane.

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