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Ali in Manila

WHEN Muhammad Ali knocked the gum shield out of Joe Frazier’s mouth in the middle of “Thrilla in Manila”, I had no idea what that thing was that had landed on my left forearm. It looked like a mouth without teeth, and only when I saw drops of blood on its inside did it dawn on me that someone had just been hurt pretty bad.

The proposed multi-billion-peso Manila-Clark Northrail project will be finished in 60 months or five years, well past the current six-year tenure of President Benigno S. Aquino III which began in mid-2010 and ends in June 2016.

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MANILA, Philippines (PNA) — As of 10:30a.m. Monday, the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) announced that 20 domestic flights were cancelled due to bad weather spawned by tropical storm Pedring. The MIAA said AirPhil Express and Zest Air had provided flight advisories regarding its flight cancellations because of the storm. AirPhil’s flight cancellations are 2P-021 […]

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