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Ladon, Maamo fight on

At the end of the quarterfinal round of the ASBC Asian Elite Championships here Wednesday, two of the smallest members of the ABAP national boxing squad emerged victorious and continue the grind for gold.

Exemplary millennial Lola

Miss Gloria Romero is the paragon of professionalism. At 83 and all through these years, she remains hardworking, gracious to co-workers, be they big stars or small employees.

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‘Shining names’ close to one’s heart and mind

Last Dec. 24, Highspeed named “shining names” in showbiz. This column continues naming more, this time close to one’s heart and mind.

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Luna, Urian nominations for Gwen Zamora

When Gwen Zamora starred in an indie, “Apocalypse Child,” she never thought of winning acting recognition. She simply wanted to try it after doing mainstream films and television shows.

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More iconic PH films

Highspeed names 15 more iconic Filipino films as selected by cinema authority Mario A. Hernando. The 15 others came out in this column yesterday for a total of 30 titles.

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