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Culture change

Solving the traffic problem in Metro Manila, especially in EDSA is undoubtedly a tough job. While we should commend the current leadership of the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) for the various initiatives to solve the problem, we also need to point out that the agency and other concerned government agencies also need a serious follow through of previous initiatives and a strict implementation of traffic rules and regulations as well as other applicable laws.

The Department of Agriculture, in collaboration with several government agencies, launched on Monday, March 13 its Foodlane Project to ensure efficient distribution of agricultural products from farms and production sites across the country to the major demand centers in Metro Manila.

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Road chaos

No Comment

The traffic situation in Metro Manila is no better than how it was during the last two Administrations. While we can agree that solving the problem requires interventions that are long term in nature, no one can argue against the assertion that a lot can be done now.

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JUST when the traffic situation seemed to be improving in one part of Metro Manila, it would get jammed elsewhere in the metropolis. At one time, flooded streets around the Manila City Hall caused south-bound traffic to back up as far back as España Blvd. in Sampaloc. That appears to have been solved by repairs on drainage channels. Last Monday, traffic was again jammed all around Quiapo and surrounding areas. This time, motorists blamed construction work on Quiapo bridge, where a layer of asphalt was being laid on one lane.

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Extend deadline, please!

Talked to several filmmakers, including producers and directors, and they have one urgent request as regards this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival. Which is: Please extend the deadline of submission of entries from last week of September to last week of October. Or even first week of November.

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Preparedness saved many lives when Mount Pinatubo erupted 25 years ago, volcanologists said, as the nation remembered that day in 1991 when the volcano ended over 400 years of slumber to explode in one of the cataclysmic eruptions of the 20th century.

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