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‘The Shape of Water’: An  Enthralling Escape to Fantasy

‘The Shape of Water’: An Enthralling Escape to Fantasy

“The Shape of Water” brings its audience into a mysterious government facility in Baltimore where, in the deepest recesses of the lab, an amphibious creature (played by Doug Jones) is being studied for its unusual abilities. As Agent Strickland (Michael Shannon) demands for it to be killed and autopsied, Dr. Hoffstetler (Michael Stuhlbarg) insists that the creature’s secrets can only be revealed with a lighter touch.

‘Shape of Water’ Latest News, Update and Release Date: An Immersive and Unique Love Story to see

“The Shape of Water” is set in a secret government laboratory at the height of the Cold War, where a visually dazzling, emotionally daring feat of the imagination erupts.

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‘The Shape of Water’: Romance in a new form

Take a deep breath and plunge deeply into the latest genre-defying romance fantasy movie “The Shape of Water” starring an impressive cast that includes Academy winner Octavia Spencer with Academy Award nominees Sally Hawkins, Michael Shannon and Richard Jenkins along with Doug Jones, known for his pivotal nonhuman roles.

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McKenna Grace takes on lead role for ‘Gifted’

An impressive ensemble of actors led by Chris Evans along with Oscar winner Octavia Spencer, Lindsay Duncan and Jenny Slate support young multi-talented actress McKenna Grace as she takes on the titular role in director Marc Webb’s “Gifted.”

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3 Significant Figures Behind Nasa’s ‘Hidden Figures’ [VIDEO]

Mathematicians and movies have long been strange bedfellows. Math is complicated, internal and not easily expressed visually. At the same time, those amazing humans who can see deeply into mathematical worlds off-limits to the rest of us can be utterly fascinating.

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Labors of love, one from Martin Scorsese, the other from Ben Affleck, proved costly at a casualty strewn weekend box office where the uplifting NASA drama “Hidden Figures” stayed on top for the second straight week.

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