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A day in your GALAXY Note 3 life

A day in your GALAXY Note 3 life

Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation (SEPCO) gave MB Tech News a chance to witness the unveiling of the GALAXY Note 3 recently in Berlin. A few days later after that, Samsung gave us the chance to take this highly touted device to first spin. We say this early, our verdict is A+++.

Affordable Filipino-made karaoke/home theater/hi-fi speakers

Singing is in every Filipino’s blood, that is why a karaoke or sing-along-systems can be found in most homes across the country. One problem with having these purpose-made sing-along systems is that they can only be used for one purpose, singing. No system has yet been introduced that can give-off great sounding voice and musicality and yet, can still be used for “home theater” systems and even hi-fi audio listening.

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