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Reinforce the good stuff

A dear friend often invites me to dinner get-together at her home. The problem is her cooking. It is consistently unpleasant. And it’s all the same. She spends a great deal of effort and is very proud of her cooking. Last weekend, I avoided her new recipe, which is a mix of recycled remains from her refrigerator. Refusing her dinner invitation would be refusing her friendship. I can’t tell you how many of her friends have asked me to speak to her. What to do? I really can’t eat it any more.

I think there are people, who are really bossy. My husband is one of them. He would always tell me the kind of activities that I should pursue. And when I complain about his behavior, he reasons that it’s part of my role to obey him. He thinks he’s being the leader of our family but I think he’s being over-controlling. Am I wrong to resist his demands?

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