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IS threat in Southeast Asia alarms Washington

Southeast Asia’s jihadists who fought by the hundreds for the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria now have a different battle closer to home in Mindanao. It’s a scenario raising significant alarm in Washington.

President Donald Trump suffered his first major setback in February when he issued an executive order banning the entry of travelers from seven mainly Muslim countries, which was quickly rejected by the courts in several states for violating the constitutional ban on religious discrimination. He revised the order, reducing the seven banned nations to six, but this was also rejected by the courts on the same grounds. A Hawaii court added one other reason – the strict restrictions would damage the state’s tourism industry which depends heavily on visitors. This was Strike One against Trump’s move to tighten the rules against the entry of foreigners out of a fear of terrorist attacks.

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HILLARY Clinton, former first lady and former secretary of state of the United States, reached a milestone in American history last Wednesday when she clinched the nomination for presidential candidate of the Democratic Party.

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