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Ric Manrique Jr.: King of Kundiman

Ric Manrique Jr.: King of Kundiman

This is a belated tribute to the King of Kundiman, Ric Manrique Jr., who died at 76 in California on Sept. 23 of heart attack. Ric inherited – in a manner of speaking – the royal title in 1970 from Ruben Tagalog, who then migrated to Guam. Tagalog died in 1985 in San Diego, California, but two years before his death in 1983, he was honored by the First Cecil Awards with a Gintong Gawad for his achievement in Philippine music.

Martin tries our ‘kundiman’

Martin Nievera’s new album is intriguingly called “Kahapon… Ngayon,” prompting a question from Ricky Lo how the singer’s past connects to his present.

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