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A plan to modernize the nation’s jeepneys

SEVENTY years after enterprising Filipinos transformed the American military jeep into the Filipino jeepney for mass transport in the country, it remains ubiquitous as ever all over the land. One would have expected modern buses and trains to take over in big cities like Metro Manila by this time, but the jeepney still runs today in city streets, incidentally contributing a sizeable share of the traffic problem.

THE Commission on Appointments (CA), along with the Senate and the House of Representatives, went on recess last Wednesday for the traditional observance of Holy Week. It will next meet on May 3. The six-week period should give everyone concerned sufficient time to consider the various ramifications that have come up in connection with the CA hearings on Secretary Gina Lopez of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

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Senators are optimistic two popular measures would get approved and enacted into law under the Duterte administration.

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