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Cyberwar, new field of combat

THERE is a new unseen war that is now going on in the world, involving forces organized by Russia, China, North Korea, and the United States. Where there used to be combat on land and sea, in the air, and in outer space, the new operational domain is cyberspace, according to a US Army Cyber Command spokesman.

Children’s Dependency on the Internet Leads to Secrecy, Over-Sharing and Social Withdrawal

Research conducted by iconKids & Youth for Kaspersky Lab has uncovered the harsh impact of Internet over-dependency among children across the globe. 55% of children were qualified by the research as dependent on the Internet. These children are twice as likely to conceal potentially risky online activities from their parents and use content, inappropriate for their age.

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Kodak Photo Printer Mini delivers [VIDEO]

Capturing precious moments on your mobile phone or digital cameras is lush, something that anyone can print when needed. Seeing however that we are in the digital age, no one can tell when the urgent need to have one on (photo) paper will come up.

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In his homily in St. Peter’s Square before some 70,000 youth who were in Rome for a Holy Year weekend for teenagers, Pope Francis said that “happiness has no price” and that it is “not an app that you can download on your phones, nor will the latest update bring you freedom and grandeur in love.”

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Enhance indoor air quality while removing Viruses

While it is true that the air we breathe outsider our home is largely out of our control, we cannot say the same about indoor air. We spend the majority of our time indoors, and yet we rarely think twice about the air we breathe inside. Indoor air quality is just as crucial to our wellbeing as any other environmental factors. The accumulation of dust, mold and other gases that are emitted by everyday household activities can lead to poor indoor air quality – and you may not even be aware of it. As a result, you or those living with you can suffer ailments such as headaches, eye irritation, allergies and respiratory diseases.

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Is technology to blame for our lack of sleep?

Since childhood, we’ve been constantly reminded to get enough sleep and there are good reasons for that. Numerous studies have shown that getting enough sleep improves learning and memory, avoids irritability, moodiness, diseases and weight gain. In short, having enough sleep offers more health benefits that contributes much to our overall function and productivity.

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