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Are you happy?

One of the happiest people I know makes it his hobby to give himself happiness and spread and multiply it by sharing the joy of music with others. (Try imagining a Christmas without carols.) On a happiness binge since a global survey found, unsurprisingly, that we’re the third happiest people on the planet, I happily went on a ride to the lavender hills of Antipolo to be with the Pastor clan and friends for an afternoon delight of music, merienda, and memory-creating moments. The tertulia featured Jade Riccio, soprano, and Nomer Nival, tenor; Merjohn Lagaya, violinist, Jude Aeropagita, pianist; and Norma Francia, guest pianist. But it was the host and impresario of the day, “Tito” Tony Pastor, and his brother Pitoy who stole the show with their stout-hearted singing!

Chamber music

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MUSIC to the ears. A sight for sore eyes. A roomful of young music lovers, some of them dressed as if for a cosplay, for once the young ones outnumbering the young once.

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