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President rules out revolutionary gov’t

President Duterte was in Da Nang, Vietnam, attending the Asia-Pacific Economic Conference (APEC) Summit when he announced on Friday, November 10, that he is no longer inclined to declare a revolutionary government, an idea he had floated last month in case destabilization efforts got out-of-hand.

UNITED States President Donald Trump offered to mediate in the South China Sea disputes in the course of his meetings with East Asian leaders in Da Nang, Vietnam, and in Manila. “I’m a very good mediator and arbitrator,” he said.

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These have been very busy days for many of the world’s leaders.

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They’re here!

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United States President Donald J. Trump arrived in the country yesterday through the Ninoy Aquino International Airport for the 31st Association of Southeast Asian Nations Summit.

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Trump offers to ‘mediate’ in sea dispute

US President Donald Trump told his Vietnamese counterpart yesterday he is ready to help resolve the dispute in the resource-rich South China Sea, which Beijing claims most of.

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The South Korean government will allow group tourists from the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam to enter the country without a visa on a very limited basis.

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