Kris off to Singapore for medical treatment




Looks like being duped of money – inasmuch as being made a fool of – has taken its toll on Kris Aquino who, on Saturday, announced she would be flying to Singapore to seek medical treatment.

Apparently, she has been advised by doctors to undergo a set of tests currently not available in the country “to have the best knowledge and care to protect her health with all needed medication and treatment.”

This, base on a statement posted on her Instagram.

In the caption, Aquino thanked everyone who prayed for her and wished her well.

“To all who have prayed for us, sending messages of love, comfort, encouragement, loyalty, and unwavering support- I thank you with all my heart,” she said.

In a previous post, Aquino described herself as “broken” days after revealing she was betrayed by an unnamed person whom she trusted so much.

In her latest post, she made reference to “a man and his brother” behind the betrayal.

“This is a period of my life testing my fortitude. Betrayal in any form is heartbreaking, but the attempt of this man & his brother- who never met nor even conversed with me in any form- to alter facts by deceitfully & maliciously attacking my family’s honor & credibility, strengthened my resolve to use all legal means for truth to win,” she wrote in the caption.

Aquino has since assembled a legal team headed by lawyer Philip Sigfrid Fortun and former Solicitor General Florin Hilbay to look into the matter.