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Canon Pixma’s “Print your path to success” Winners draw on perseverance and passion to keep going

Canon Marketing Philippines (CMP) congratulates the winners of the Print Your Path to Success Facebook Contest. Pictured here are Romarico Villablanca (2nd from left) and Clarinda Santiago (middle)  with Bong Serevo, Vice President of Canon Marketing Philippines (2nd from right) and the Canon PIXMA Marketing Team.

Canon PIXMA, the No.1 inkjet printer brand in the Philippines for 2011 & 2012, recognizes in any aspect of one’s life, creativity and commitment are necessary to be successful. Canon PIXMA Printers provide customers with the outlet to be creative while having the commitment to top technology and excellent pre and after sales support. Last April to June, Canon PIXMA launched the “Print Your Path to Success” Facebook contest which encourages users to share how creativity and commitment helped them build their paths to success, and in turn, get a chance to win a Canon camera & Canon PIXMA printer.

The Path to Success is a long and winding road where others, more often than not, listen to discouragement.

For Canon PIXMA’s Print Your Path to Success winners, Clarinda Santiago and Romarico Villablanca, the path to success may be a long road but they found strength to move forward and overcome obstacles. Being triumphant in the challenges they faced, the two winners shared their stories on how they found the Path to Success.

Clarinda Santiago, a 32-year-old housewife, is best known for her ability to multi-task, emerging better after going through challenging situations. She started a computer rental and printing business with her husband, using her savings from her former job as a technician team leader in a semiconductor company. The venture began with two computer units which expanded to 10.Clarinda, who also knows how to repair the computers in her shop, also offers design and print services for events, birthdays, weddings, greeting cards and calling cards.

Always looking for ways to improve her business, Clarinda joined Canon PIXMA’s “Print Your Path to Success” contest after seeing the ad on Facebook. Her ingeniousness set another milestone as Clarinda can now develop her printing business with vivid colors and sharp imaging.

Romarico Villablanca is proof that resourcefulness can help one on the Path to Success. The 31-year-old freelance graphic artist works for an online Australian outsourcing company. The freelance work allows him to design for a living while keeping operation costs at a minimum. Romarico previously closed his small business as the operation costs outweighed what he was earning.

After resourcefulness, comes perseverance and passion which helped him rise above the ranks, even being recognized as the top freelancer in the Philippines. His current success can be attributed to his young family especially his wife, who gave him the determination to pursue his career after their marriage in 2012.

And the outflow of success is giving back to the community. Romarico offers to teach people in his area about graphic design during his spare time. He also helps other graphic designers, especially the students, to earn money on the side by giving them part-time jobs at the freelancing website. As for his newly-acquired Canon PIXMA printer, the modern-day artist would not be without it as it aids him in his endeavors as a graphic designer both online and offline.
Both winners took home a Canon PIXMA MP237 all-in-one printer and a Canon IXUS 140 digital camera.

With Canon PIXMA, anyone can Print their Way to Success. To learn more about Canon PIXMA, visit facebook.com/canonpixma.ph or www.canon.com.ph.