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New Ford Fiesta heads into the future with stunning looks and even greater connectivity

New Fiesta

New Fiesta upgrades its smart technologies with several new features, including the hands-free in-car connectivity system Ford SYNC

The new Fiesta is poised to redefine the small car segment with its exciting new bold design, segment-leading fuel economy, class-leading safety features and all-new smart technologies, including Ford SYNC.

“Our aim with the new Ford Fiesta was to take a popular car that was already a segment leader in fuel efficiency, performance and personality, and make it even better,” said Kay Hart, managing director, Ford Philippines.

The new Ford Fiesta gives drivers the perfect blend of a connected world and an enjoyable driving experience. Technologies such as Ford SYNC were initially available only on some vehicles but Ford is making them accessible to more customers by introducing them across its vehicle line-up, including the new Fiesta.

Today’s smartphone users expect to have the same personalized, connected experience in their car that they have everywhere else. So, SYNC enables drivers to answer phone calls and select music from devices connected via Bluetooth or USB, and listen to text messages by simply using voice commands. This helps drivers to keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road at all times.

“New Ford Fiesta was built for the digital generation,” said Hart. “With SYNC, Bluetooth® connectivity and MP3 capabilities, the tech-savvy can be constantly plugged into their favourite music and connected to their world while on the go.”

In addition, Fiesta comes with an array of convenience features. With Smart Keyless Entry, customers no longer need their key to unlock the car or to start the engine. They can unlock the doors automatically by pulling the door handle; push the Ford Power Start button and go.

Offering Ford’s next generation of global engines, the EcoBoost engine combines direct injection of gasoline and turbocharging. The three-cylinder engine combines direct fuel injection, turbocharging and variable valve timing to produce 125 PS of power and 170 Nm of peak torque, rivalling the power and performance of a traditional 1.6L engine.

EcoBoost is the latest in Ford’s green technology commitment, which balances capability with environmental responsibility with an estimated fuel economy improvement by more than 30 percent.