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by Jonathan Kevin Castillo

We lose something every now and then, only to resurface later in the most obvious place. We often end up scratching our heads thinking, how did that get there? Same goes for pets who come and go only to discover they’ve been hanging out in the roof all along.

Well, the Stick-N-Find is one nifty tracking device. It’s about as large as a coin and because of that size, it can virtually fit anywhere. For pets, stick it in their collar and receive notifications from your smartphone.

This Indiegogo campaign has sparked lots of interest from people all over the world. Understandably, such device holds many utilizing possibilities. When paired with your device, the gyroscope will kick in and point to you the item’s direction and distance. It has a hundred-foot range and that should help you keep track of most things. It has two setups, the Virtual Leash, which alerts you if the sticker has gone off your range; and the Reserve Virtual Leash, which alerts you if you’ve gone off the range. It connects to your device via Bluetooth, and the sticker is powered with a watch battery.

Because of its limited range, this can be quite handy for smaller pets, say, hamsters – if you’re the type who lets them walk around the house, or indoor cats or dogs that you never let out of the house. The sticker itself is surrounded with an LED ring that flashes some neon colors, helping out the tracking procedure, especially when it’s dark. So if your pet is on the roof at night, you’ll definitely know it’s him or her up there.

Another cool thing about the Stick-N-Find is that it is not just designed to remain as a tracking beacon. Third party developers are allowed to make their own Stick-N-Find apps, which opens other possibilities. For instance, major conventions, beacons can be attached on the badges and keep track of them. It puts up a great deal of other security and interesting potential. And yes, more radical stuff to show your love and devotion for your pet.

It is compatible to iOS and Android devices and has an available free app for each operating system. So far, no word yet for Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices. But with their increasing (albeit slow) popularity, we can hope that an app for them will make a stunning debut – hopefully soon. But for now, iOS and Android users, rejoice in what these things can do for you and your pets.