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Apps that can do wonders


by Mikee Ocampo Falcis and Princess Pidlaoan

Manila, Philippines – The glorious era of Tamagochi is over but the way pet lovers take good care of their pets remains the same. Now we can express our tender loving care even to our four-legged friends in a digital and advanced way. We may think that touches and pats are enough but these apps can help you do other things you thought can’t do with your pets.

Pet Phone
Just like our kids, we need to keep track of our pets too. This app shows pet information like birthdates and weights. Other information can also be set like vet visits and relevant information like meds and allergies.

Pet Phone can keep track of multiple pets; so basically, it can keep track of multiple veterinarians as well. Every vet visits are recorded or are kept tracked of. It provides a list of reasons why you’re pet needs to see a vet. All relevant data during that visit can also be recorded.

Pet First Aid
If you don’t have much time to bring your pets to a vet, Pet First Aid will help you be ready in case a medical emergency occurs. Whether it is a cut or a choke, the app is within your reach to give you detailed information like articles, videos and illustrations that will help save your pet.

Another good thing is that all these can be accessed offline so whether you are in a remote side of the world, this app can still be useful.

Pet First Aid also tracks down important medical records of your pets like their vaccinations, medications, identifications and other health conditions that your pet’s vet might need.

Pets love to wander outside and when they wander, they could just eat anything and I mean anything, even those that can be fatally harmful to them. With this, it is better if we are prepared and properly informed about the toxins that our pets may have unknowingly ingested.

This mobile application has a list of plants which are reported to have adverse effects on health of pets particularly dogs, cats and horses. In addition to that, there are also details on its alternate common names and scientific names plus the image of the plant itself and the list of possible symptoms if your pets became accidentally exposed.

A glance with this app before shopping for houseplants in your backyard or garden might help your pets be safe and poison-free.

iKibble Free
Obviously, no one wants to starve their pets and having not enough money to buy pet food is no longer an issue. iKibble is a free app that you can check out if you want to consider giving your pets people food.

There’s a list of food which are either alright for your pets to eat or not through a health rating system and doggy approval sounds.

And yes, you can be your pet’s chef with this app. iKibble has recipes for dishes you can share with your domesticated animal friends. The list of food ranges from fresh meats, dairies, fruits, vegetables and grains which you can mix with dry kibbles as suggested by the app.

Been looking for a perfect pet? This app is for you. You just have to search for your preference and look for adoptable pets located within your area.

There’s no guessing here because the app provides pet photos and their complete information and description. Also, you can contact the animal shelter that has your selected adoptable pet and get directions on how to get there.

Sharing pets with friends through e-mail and social networking sites would also be fun. Pet owners can see others’ pets and search for shelter and rescue groups. They can also read heartwarming adoption stories and can learn more about their next pet if they are planning to have one through the app’s breed guides.

If your pet loves the outside world, this app and device will certainly give you peace of mind as it essentially turn your pet’s collar into a GPS. The device enables you to easily search your pets’ whereabouts at any given moment.

The tracking device is a lightweight attachment to either your dogs’ or your cats’ collar. It is designed to withstand a lot of wear and tear meaning that it can be of long-term use and it is also waterproof.

Tagg as an app will notify you via text or e-mail if your pet went out of the boundaries you’ve set. It will also give charts and graphs, letting you know if your pet gets enough exercise.

Pavlov Dog Monitor
Dogs usually bark at strangers and when they do, they usually scare off the stranger that they are barking at. They would eventually calm down when they hear their owner’s voice.

This dog monitoring app uses sensors that hear your dog’s bark. All you have to do is to place your iPhone near your dog and leave it alone. See the results when you come home.

Additional feature for this app is the Facebook notification for your dog’s activity throughout the day.

Animal Age
Want to know how old your pet is in human years? Or perhaps you might want to know how old you are in dog years. You can answer these questions if you check out the Animal Age app. Though it is not 100% accurate, the result yields close approximation. You might be amazed on the results. The app takes the size of your pet as their main consideration. Take note that in general, smaller pets tend to live longer than the larger ones.

Cleaning pet’s poop can really be annoying. Thanks to this iPhone app, you can easily take charge of your puppy or even older dogs’ potty breaks!

Food and water intake are kept on track, as well as their elimination routine. The app records errors on their pee and poops. There is an audio-video potty break alert which can be set from one to eight hours. By observing frequent logs of your pet’s intake and pee and poop, you’ll be able to manage your pet’s potty breaks and in due time, you’ll get used to your dog’s potty habits.

Dog Whistler
You don’t have to pay a dog trainer to let your pet dog learn new tricks. The trick is that you choose different frequencies or select from a list of sound patterns like long beeps or short beeps. The frequencies can be set as an alarm. The alarm will continually activate each time a motion is detected every time it resets.

It can be used as a hearing test for your pet dogs and see how loud your dog can hear.