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Playing Doc with Surgeon Simulator

Surgeon Simulator

by Carl Rogel Inocentes

Manila, Philippines – Here is a game not meant to be taken seriously. Despite having a name Surgeon Simulator, the game tells the player things on how not to be a surgeon. Clunky controls coupled with real-time physics stand as a foundation of the game’s black comedy.

The player takes control of a surgeon assigned to the operating table. Heart, kidney, and brain transplants are the only types of operations the player must accomplish. To do so, the player must make use of the various tools scattered around the operating table. Aside from the surgical knifes and lasers, the tables are littered with miscellaneous paraphernalia such as notebooks and juice bottles.

Surgeon Simulator gives the player total control, down to the very fingers of the surgeon. Each finger in the surgeon’s hand corresponds to a button in the keyboard. The mouse buttons tilts the wrist and presses the hand down upon command. Hilarity ensues due to the clumsiness of the controls, thereby becoming a reminder of the notorious QWOP flash game. If the movement is wrong, the objects are awkwardly held or sometimes, the surgeon’s wristwatch falls into the patient’s stomach. To accomplish the objective, the player must place the replacement organs into hollow body of the patient. The level ends with a congratulatory remark, “I think he’ll live…”

The first missions are held in the safety of the operation room. Surgeries must be done swiftly and precisely. A wrong slice or use of an improper tool can spell blood loss for the patient. Upon cutting the organs, the player must then grab them and move them away to complete the objective. This is done without the gloves and with the hand literally grabbing the organ away from the body and throwing it somewhere else. To increase the difficulty, the developers included a moving ambulance level and also a zero gravity operation.

Although it is a simple game, Surgeon Simulator 2013 boasts 3D graphics and real-time physics. Objects bob up and down depending on the movement of the player. Manually yanking away the organs depend on their initial position and the speed of the movement of the mouse.

Surgeon Simulator 2013 may have used a name unfit for it but it is enjoyable and quirky. Funny games are hard to come by these days and playing Surgeon Simulator 2013 brought forth loads of laughs from myself and also from those watching me play it. If you’re opting to play something different and funny, then give Surgeon Simulator 2013 a try.