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A high tech phone for a non-techie


Whether people admit it or not, buying a mobile phone is not always about its brand or sophistication but also its usability.

It is the features and the capability of the phone that often draws people to buying a certain model or make.

There are those, however, who unfortunately fall into a trap.

The latest in the list of Gionee smartphones is the ELIFE E6 which carries the tagline “Do More With Less.” It is the perfect catchphrase for people on the go or those who need special features to make multi-tasking communications a lot easier and smoother.

The E6 is considered as the world’s first smartphone with White OGS technology. It’s narrow 2.54-millimeter edge and 7.7mm thin size can fit easily into one’s pocket.

The smartphone is powered with a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor and has a 5-inch display that makes texting, surfing, or checking emails a breeze.

ELIFE E6 is designed to enhance the lifestyles of smartphone users across the world. “Regardless of whether you are an intense gamer or a multi-tasking working executive, the ELIFE E6 can be customized specifically for your way of life,” Gionee Mobile Head Katrin Salanga-Gregorio emphasized.

Gionee’s ELIFE E6 model also has sensors that allow you to answer calls even with the cover still on your phone or check your photos without even touching the screen of your unit.

When texting, e-mailing or entering text in a note using your smartphone, you need only slide your index finger onto the pop-up keyboard to specific places of certain letters and words will instantly be typed in your message, e-mail, or note.

You will also not have any problem downloading apps to your unit as the ELIFE E6 already has a Google Play that allows you to download apps that can help you increase your work productivity or de-stress through entertainment apps like games.

Gaming on the ELIFE E6 is also fun given that the smartphone has a long battery life. It is equipped with a non-removable 2020mAh battery that is also lightweight at only 128g.

If you are also the type of user who loves to do “selfies” or self photo-taking, the ELIFE E6 can easily shift to a “selfie” camera dedicated to recording memorable moments. You can also take clear, crisp videos using the E6.

This is because each ELIFE E6 unit is equipped with a 13-megapixel rear camera and a 5 megapixel front-facing camera. It also has a modified Android software, AMIGO ROM, that allows users to take quality photos and videos.

“With its intuitive user interface, we have developed the ELIFE E6 with the customer’s interest at heart.”