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Arum sidelines Ariza

Brandon Rios, Robert Garcia

MACAU — Conditioning coach Alex Ariza, who kicked Hall of Fame trainer Freddie Roach during an altercation last Wednesday, will be watching the Manny Pacquiao-Brandon Rios fight on the sidelines.

Top Rank chief Bob Arum said on Friday that Ariza, who was Pacquiao’s strength coach from mid-2008 until just a few months ago, would still be given permission to lend a hand to Rios but his actions will be closely watched.

But Ariza won’t join Rios in the ring walk and won’t be seen atop the ring the same way he did when he was still with Pacquiao.

“He won’t be in the corner of Rios,” said Arum.

Anyway, Rios trainer Robert Garcia said, he is the one who calls the shots, the one who gives out instructions and not Ariza.

Ariza took the spotlight and was perceived as the villain during a confrontation involving Roach and Garcia over the use of the gym.

Roach had ordered Garcia out of the gym “since it was (already) their time (to train).”

But Garcia said they were still working out and that it would take 30 more minutes before they wrap things up.

Ariza then entered the scene and shouted at Roach, who challenged the Los Angeles-born Colombian to kick him out instead.

As Roach was going near Ariza, he received a kick on the chest and bedlam ensued. (NG)