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The Injustice League

The Injustice League

by Jose Gamaliel Felongco

When it comes to popularity in video games, DC heroes are usually discarded due to the poor reception of past games. Unless, of course, if it’s a Batman game. But times are changing and so are developers. This new game from Mortal Kombat developer, NetherRealm, managed to reintroduce DC heroes in the fighting genre through this punchfest game called, Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Compared to other fighting games, Injustice has a whole story of its own rather than the fragmented character tales. The game tackles DC’s multiverse with heroes from different dimensions battling each other. In one dimension, Superman goes evil due to the Joker’s underhanded tricks, making him the opposite of what he used to present. It is then up to the heroes from the other dimension to make things right by defeating Superman and his legion of heroes turned villains.

If you’ve played the latest Mortal Kombat, then you’ll feel a little bit familiar with the game as the developers are the same. It is reminiscent of old school fighting games with 2D stages but with animated 3D backgrounds. Fighting is exaggerated (as this is a superhero game), but the basics are still there. Beating the opponent via combos or juggling them in the air is still the best approach. But players can use the environment to tip the scales and also transport the battle in another part of the arena. Aside from unique combo and fighting sets, each hero in Injustice has their own unique abilities. A few examples are: Green Arrow can get arrows with elemental payloads, Batman can call on spinning Batarangs, and Flash can make his movements faster.Some characters are hard to knock down while others are agile yet fragile at the same time.

In terms of presentation, Injustice uses the dated yet proven and still relevant, Unreal Engine 3. Characters and models were created with diversity and the quality of detail is apparent. Multiple costumes exist for each character with the popular ones getting additional old school skins. The environment, despite having a semi-active part in duels, compliments the superhero motif by getting destroyed as the fighting drags on.

We found Injustice as a cool game that can net you hundreds of hours. It is quite addictive as each fight introduces something new and there is so much to see due to the amount of content present. The number of DC heroes present is large as compared to other superhero fighting games.If you’re looking for a DC fighting game for a fix, then this is it.