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Welcome the wonderful New Year with the Iphone 5s

iPhone 5c All Colors

The smartphone’s undeniable ubiquity has made it more than a communication device. These mobile devices have become extensions of our selves; it is a means for us to express our thoughts via the 140-character world of Twitter, the square pixels of Instagram, or the clickable thumbs-up on Facebook.

Apple is no stranger to good design. Jonathan Ive, who has been at the helm of the brand’s design hub since 1997, has strived to create mobile devices that boast of superb style and design. More than aesthetics, his focus is on creating and putting together elements that provide a seamless experience for the user.

This design principle was once again brought to life with the creation of the iPhone 5s, dubbed by Apple as its “forward-thinking” handset. The latest iteration of its flagship smartphone promises a technologically-useful experience, with features meant to serve the user. Get to know the 5 reasons why you should start the year right with this season’s smartphone sensation:

• Superb sensor
The most significant feature is the fingerprint identity sensor, where users can unlock their iPhones or authenticate purchases via the App Store or iTunes Store using one’s nominated fingerprint–it’s a brilliant approach to providing an extra layer of security for devices that house sensitive user information.

• Slim and stylish
Apple has also managed to squeeze in an A7 chip with 64-bit mobile architecture into the iPhone 5s’s slim and stylish frame, an engineering feat achieved without weighing down the phone.

• Selfie” expert
The smartphone as a camera is not a mere alternative to a digital camera, it has evolved as a legitimate way to document memories, and the iPhone 5s’s camera update recognizes this need. The camera’s sensor has been enlarged to let in more light, letting you take great photos even in low-light conditions.

• Sleek and smooth
The iPhone 5s retains its classic metallic look, adding another precious element–gold–to its space gray and silver lineup. It’s a premium device with more color options to cater to more discriminating users.

• Speed and strength
More than style, the iPhone 5s is also a powerhouse device equipped with up to 13 LTE bands, enabling users to experience fast download and upload speeds wherever, whenever.

The iPhone 5s is available from Globe under its iPhone Forever plan, where subscribers can get the device for free at Plan 1999 complete with 1GB of LTE surfing and monthly consumable for calls and texts. With the iPhone Forever, iPhone fanatics and loyalists can get the latest iPhone year after year. Subscribers with other smartphone devices can also avail of the iPhone Forever and swap their handsets with minimum cash-out.

Meanwhile, subscribers can also avail of the iPhone 5s for free for as low as P1,799/month for a 24-month contract period with Globe mySUPERPLAN, complete with unlimited LTE surfing and free calls and texts.