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Things to look forward to in 2014

Oculus Rift

by Jonathan Kevin Castillo

Companies have hit it big this year and lots of goodies are headed our way. We’ve listed some of the biggest things to look out for this year. Read on and there just might be something you would fancy for your type of personality.

For the couch potatoes, this might fire you up — Firetube
The Firetube has been a mystery for quite a while until reports have surfaced of Amazon’s TV product, much similar to Google’s Chromecast. Streaming devices are getting hot, and Amazon isn’t letting all that heat go away. Firetube will make it possible to stream online and media content to TVs. It’s a cool device that streams from your mobile device, so no need to connect them via mini-HDMI or elsewhere. Just imagine the convenience. The Firetube will help ease out all that hassles. Now, there is no real reason to get out of the couch.

For the Savvy Shopper consider the clever “Coin”
Have you ever thought that there will come a time when people will pay for all their purchases with only the use of a single card? Well, that’s coming to a reality with Coin. No, this is definitely not the Coinye West virtual currency that we keep on hearing about. Ironically, Coin doesn’t come in a coin-shaped thing. It’s a card-shaped device that can store up to eight valuable data from credit cards to debit cards. It is a hi-tech wallet that will make payments fast and easy, significantly cutting cost of time from long lines. If Coin does launch into success, then, we can hope to adapt this technology here in the Philippines. No more, “Sir, baka may dos po kayo?”

For the fashionably techie, consider the Wearable Techs
Wearable technology or wearable devices can be in the form of clothing or accessory that incorporates a computer and other cutting-edge electronic innovations. Set to make waves this year, wearables aren’t just a novelty to have. It promises a whole lot when it comes to one’s health and fitness. And when used in its real capability, it may even be applied to matters of safety and may even save lives. Google Glass and other wearable hi-tech headgears are slated to come out later this year. More companies will be releasing smartwatches, and fitness bands. LG has recently unveiled their latest wearable, the LifeBand Touch – which has more than simple checking SMS, email, and other activities. Razer has jumped into the wagon, too, with their Nabu wearable tech, which sports the razor-sharp cool black and green colors. What’s really exciting here is that, this is an early volley, and who knows what we can expect in the years to come.

For the audacious, who long for a totally elevated sense of adventure, get it with Steambox and Oculus Rift

Steam’s digital content and developer features have earned respect from its users all over the world. It’s an amazing platform to play games at. Recently Alienware, one of the top gaming computer manufacturers just unveiled their steambox machine. It is believed to be as powerful as a PS4 and an Xbox One gaming consoles and coming from Alienware, we might as well expect something more than just that. We’re pretty psyche with it. The best part is…it is actually a portable steam machine.

Oculus Rift
Let’s put it down simply. The Oculus Rift is a virtual reality gaming device. It’s not exactly a step up or down gaming experience, but we can agree it’s going to be different! The technology isn’t exactly new but they say that it is more refined and immersive. Gamers and non-gamers alike would surely be captivated with the riveting adventures it promises to bring. The Rift will be able to connect to PC and smartphone games at first. Just imagine its potential and direction where this is all going. Imagine playing this with Skyrim!