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Pillow that charges your devices

by Angelo Fernandez

I’m usually a function over form kind of guy. I mean, if something looks pretty but it doesn’t work or is not very good at what it does then there isn’t much point. I guess that’s why I didn’t mind using some of those eye sore phones that Ericsson used to make back in the day before Sony got into the picture. They were pretty good phones and that’s what mattered. Thankfully it’s already common practice to cater to both form as well as function.

Wearable technology has furthermore shown us that we can have things that can look pretty and be functional as well. Not only are they both pretty and functional, they can do more than one thing. For example, a smart watch doesn’t just tell time after all but also acts as an extension of your smartphone. So what about extending that concept to the humble pillow?

The pillow is something we use to make us comfortable whether we’re sitting or lying down. It also is often used as a stylish object to make a space look better. But what if we gave the pillow another function? That’s the concept behind the Power Pillow.

The Power Pillow was developed by Lisa Sutt and Geoff Martin. It’s a really simple idea of putting portable battery packs inside a pillow. It comes with 2 12,000 mAh lithium ion battery packs and 2 micro-USB cables and a cable wallet. The pillow itself acts as the soft casing.

You may ask, “Why?” Having to plug in your devices may take your devices away from what you’re doing. Maybe you’re working at your desk at home and you need to go to the socket at the wall to charge your device. Maybe you’re entertaining guests at home but you need to leave your phone in your room to charge. Whatever it is, it might be a chore to have to constantly stop what you’re doing every time you need to walk over to your phone to use it, especially if the business with the phone is important too like a phone call you’re expecting.

With the Power Pillow you can charge your phone while at your desk or entertaining guests at the other room. Just take the pillow with you. The Power Pillow can be placed at places where there’s no socket nearby or in places where people come together. Imagine being able to tell your friends that not only can they use your home WiFi but can charge their phones while they sit at the coach while you entertain them .I can see this being a nice accessory in places like hotels or office lounges. More importantly they can be used to charge your devices during an emergency like a blackout.

As someone who always uses my hone away from the socket, the Power Pillow might actually be a welcome addition to the house.