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Algieri says he’s no Margarito

It’s out of line to compare Mexican puncher Antonio Margarito, says US fighter Chris Algieri, who battles Manny Pacquiao on Nov. 23 in Macau.

While they’re almost the same height, Margarito is almost six-feet tall and Algieri is about 5-10, the 30-year-old Algieri insists Margarito is a lumbering giant who resembles a punching bag.

“Margarito was a large guy, but not an athletic guy,” Algieri told Greg Logan of Newsday over the weekend.

“(Margarito is) not a guy who’s going to be moving, pushing, pulling, using his jab, reaching. He’s a straight-forward slugger there to be hit. Manny kills those guys.”

Algieri believes he is not cut in the same mold as Margarito, who Pacquiao beat up in November 2010 in Dallas, Texas.

Unlike Margarito, slow-moving and flat-footed, Algieri says he is the exact opposite of Margarito.

“Guys who move, guys who have angles, guys who are stylish boxers, he (Pacquiao) has trouble with.

So confident is Algieri that he can’t wait to the start of training camp and buckle down to work.

Besides, “I wouldn’t take a fight I don’t think I can win,” he says. (Nick Giongco)