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Ball in Floyd’s hands

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

It’s crystal clear the camp of Manny Pacquiao wants a Floyd Mayweather fight to happen next.

Top Rank chief Bob Arum, one of the most vocal in the business and a renowned story-teller, has opted to keep his mouth shut for fear that what comes out of his mouth could imperil the clandestine negotiations.

Even Mike Koncz, Pacquiao’s Canadian adviser, has been very cautious about what words to say during interviews, another sign that hope is not lost in efforts to put together what will turn out to be the richest fight ever.

“We’re waiting for word from Floyd,” Koncz said yesterday afternoon.

“The issue is very sensitive,” added Koncz, who has been in the US since early-December trying to put a deal in place.

Still, Koncz doesn’t even want to acknowledge that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, knowing the difficulties in getting a Mayweather fight done.

While Pacquiao’s focus is to face Mayweather, Koncz said that there are other options on the horizon although these pale in comparison with the riches that a Mayweather fight would bring.

“We’re giving this until the end of the month.”

If a deal can’t be made, Pacquiao will have no choice but to look elsewhere for a dancing partner for April.

The ball is in Mayweather’s court after Pacquiao has made it clear that money won’t be a deal-breaker, stressing that he doesn’t see anything wrong taking the smaller portion of the pie.

  • Rufus99

    Is there anything else in the Philippines besides Pacquiao, anything? You’ve got to be the most desperate people on the planet. Let it go! Floyd was with Arum for 10 yrs, left because he believed Arum underpaid him and still owes him money.

    • Lenarx

      legacy?… it has nothing to do with the promoter… self proclaimed TBE.. but not fighting the very best.. WTF!!! enough reasons.. PPV!.. lost to! KOed to!… this are excuses.. shit..”Pacquiao is one Dimensional fighter that’s why he become 8th division champion…Gayweather is one Dillutional fighter that’s why he’s full of SHIT!”

  • Alitysonhaglerleonardholyfield

    Balls already in Floyd”s hands? That’s good. At last he already found them. LOL

  • wisesteve

    hmm what is cotto playing at? i have a feeling cotto v Mayweather 2 might be in negotiations as we speak. Cotto needs to sign for the fight with Alvarez and then Floyd will be pushed into an even smaller corner. Cotto dont you dare do floyd a favour sign now your beginning to look a bitch too