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Arum: ‘It’s in Floyd’s court’

Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr

Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum says the ball is in Floyd Mayweather’s court.

“We have agreed to everything,” Arum told the Bulletin as the 83-year-old Top Rank chief expressed disappointment that Mayweather continues to dilly dally about a showdown with Pacquiao.

“We all have agreed but they could not deliver Mayweather,” said Arum.

Apparently, Mayweather is the only one who has not responded to the challenge, according to Arum, who made the assurance that making the Mayweather fight remains his top priority.

But assuming everything goes down the drain, Arum said that he will have no choice but to stage Pacquiao’s ring return sometime in April.

Last month, Mayweather came out on US primetime television, daring Pacquiao to a fight.

Pacquiao immediately accepted the challenge and even went out of his way to guarantee Mayweather that money (purse sharing) won’t be an issue in the negotiations.

“I am willing to take the smaller amount,” said Pacquiao, knowing that money is foremost in Mayweather’s mind.

Despite all these, Arum says it is Mayweather who has the final say.

A Pacquiao-Mayweather fight is the only one sports fans want to see this year.

Efforts to make the fight happen have failed a few times in the past with the dealbreakers being the purse split and random drug testing.

But now that these issues have been ironed out, the stakeholders continue to experience difficulties getting a deal in place.

Arum thinks Mayweather is very protective of his unbeaten 47-0 win-loss record and knows that Pacquiao is one guy who can inflict a stain on his pristine slate.